On Purpose#part 2

Say this with me: “I was not born to sit on the couch, follow up on the latest series…get entertained as the people I’m watching get their pay.”


Don’t get me wrong…I have been an ardent follower of series…and if I count how many hours summed up into years that I’ve wasted being a potato couch….I’d rather not say…

Let’s delve into this very important matter. Purpose. What is your purpose here on earth? You are not a speck in the universe! You are very special to God- yes you! Even if everyone else thinks you are a nobody..ha ha that is their opinion….Ignore it! Allow me to use the line of thought I was going with last week. We were looking at Christ’s purpose here on earth. We all know why He came..but these verses explain it even further.

Luke 19:10: For the son of man is come to seek and save that which is Lost.(that’s the obvious one) He came to do the will of His Father, not His own! Every word that He spoke, was commanded by the Father!

John 12:49:(AMP) For I have never spoken on my own initiative or authority, but the Father Himself who sent me has given me a commandment regarding what to say and what to speak.

There was a man named Saul, and he was the persecuter of Christians. I wonder why he did that by the way. Maybe He had a troubled past, maybe he just had genuine hate for them…maybe he thought (however crazy this sounds) that it was his purpose…but whatever it is…made him the beast that he was. A terrible man. Here he was on his way to Damascus when  something glorious happened! A light shone from the sky and he heard a voice speak…the very voice of God! asking him why he was persecuting Him(God)

Acts 26:15-16 And I said, who art thou, Lord? And he said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest. But rise and stand upon thy feet: for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee.” And with that….was the birth of Paul as we know him!

Isn’t it amazing? how one’s life can be changed in an instant? here was a man on his way to his usual destruction…a man who had done so many evil things but just like that- his life was changed! he got to know of His purpose!

Now, don’t be like this guy I was preaching to once who was saying he will receive Christ when and only when Christ will appear to him(what a dangerous way to think). Don’t be unwise.

So how do you know your purpose? how do you get to find it out?

 I) Be bold and ask God to show you(and expect an answer)

II) Be spiritually alert(how? by praying in the spirit/tongues and constantly reading the Word of God) and it will be surely revealed unto you. (Haha I know it might not sound easy, but trust me. It is. )

Always remember this: the generic purpose of your life is to bring glory to God, to honor Him and to expand His kingdom. Therefore, in everything that you do always ask yourself,” Does this bring glory to God?”  Always.

Next part…..Knowing God’s Plan

I am Tudi the Great.


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