The 7th Day of August 2012

I was silent. No excuses. No more “logical” explanations.My heart was longing for more…yearning…and in the nick of time, I would have it.


They didn’t attack me as such, but at that moment in time, it was enough. After a lot of compelling information about why I shouldn’t be a catholic{taking into account all the un-bibilical practices found in it}. It was time.

The loudest of the group{sorry Gashungwa} asked me the question. Are you ready to be born again? I paused. The room was silent. My chest was exploding. Haha it seems dramatic, but if you had believed in something all your life and suddenly want to step out of the curtains that you stood behind, you would get what I’m trying to say. It’s like a crazy shy girl being asked to dye her hair orange, or moments before a guy tells the crush of his life how he has “loved” her since time immemorial, or how a woman who has hidden the truth from her hubby of 40 years of how one of her babies isn’t his…you get the drill?…it was crazy, scary, heart wrenching…it was all that.

So I took a moment. Stepped out into the night. I clutched onto the rosary that I had held so dear,the rosary that had been gifted to me by my grandmother and looked at the chewed cross at the end{I had a bad habit of chewing plastics and pencils}. I walked right next to the chapel, as the sound of the screaming girls in the hall faded in the background. The night was calm, yet evil in its own dark way. I looked up to the heavens. Prayed and for a moment…felt as if unseen eyes were watching me..lurking…and with that eerie feeling, I tossed the rosary away into the bushes and walked{half ran} back to the prayer room.

When I got back, the girls seemed shaken. You see, before I left the room we had gotten into intense prayer and one of the leaders had mentioned that they felt an ‘evil’ presence within the room..then almost immediately I had slept out of the room. Haha I later came to learn that they had thought that I {precious, saintly me} had been the evil presence in the room haha… I mean I had chosen the perfect time to walk out hadn’t I ?

With that, I told them I was ready. I received Christ in my life..alongside my dear sister Louis Chiku{shout out to you girl}. We later went to our dorms when our “party” was over but that eerie feeling still followed me deep into the night.

The next morning however…I felt joy untold! I was in my own bubble of happiness1 There has never been a day that I felt that Joy…it was exciting…refreshing…I felt renewed! reborn! Now, I can’t guarantee the same “feeling” for everyone who receives Christ because, this is a Spiritual rebirth…you can’t feel it physically, but there can be only one story teller so…

On this day…7th of August 2012…I became born again..a New Creature…A different kind of species…Glory Hallelujah!!!!!!



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    Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognise so that I may subscribe.

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