Right from the start

I was born it. However, I got out and now…

good girl

I know by now you must be wondering what I’m talking about huh…don’t you worry…you will in a bit. For those who had been following me on my previous blog…I had been giving you details of my past..of how I came to be where I am now. Not that where I am is very far, but it definitely is somewhere.

See…I was born in a catholic family. Okay let me elaborate further. I was born in a Roman catholic family. Apparently, all christians are catholics since we are universal and share the same faith-the faith in one God who manifests Himself through the Trinity-The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Got it? I knew you would.

So anyway,I was born in a Roman catholic church,and up to date 98% of my family still is. Boy was I staunch! From saying the rosary, to going for mass,to going for the way of the cross(you know, the practice whereby you go round a certain area let’s say a football field, and go kneeling from stage to stage as a commemoration of what our Lord Jesus went through as He was going to be crucified), joined the youth choir…yeah I did it all.I loved it.

In school, I was known for being the “Holy Joe”..the term used for people who are considered “holier than though”, “miss goody two shoes”…haha but I loved it. I was on my way to nun hood,better yet Sainthood! I felt righteous, I mean, after doing all the things mentioned above, after being the one to make people say the rosary at home(never mind that I would doze myself silly in between), condemning people every now and then haha. I can imagine how annoying I must have been, walking to someone and telling them outrightly that what they were doing was wrong.

“Susan, you shouldn’t be eating bread in class. Its wrong”,”Joan, don’t drink water in class it’s wrong”…If you think this is primary school,you are so wrong. It was high school alright..I remember the many times I thought someone would one day beat me up,,or worse….let me not go there. Thank God I was in a good school. One of fairly good reputation. I felt that it was my task to tell them. I was the righteous one, and they…,the people that needed saving from sin.

People fondly called me “XYZZ” a name that I so quickly “dropped” after high school because,come on…no one wants their “childhood” name following them all their life, right? Haha i was famously known for something even greater than being “saintly” and that is…..dream on….you will never know lol….



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