#In the Beginning {part 1}


This is the last time..I promise. I will keep my password in my heart of hearts!

“In the beginning..was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God…and the Word was God.(2)The same was in the beginning with God(3) All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” John 1:1-3

These ought to be the most mind boggling verses in the Bible! I once thought about it…when I was a form three student in class listening to my History teacher going on and on and on about politics and what not…but there…in that moment I sat. I Njeri Kariuki sat in class and tried to comprehend this verse.

Okay let’s take this trip together shall we? OK. try not to get a headache. In the beginning,was the Word..okay imagine a blank space right now..uh-huh..close your eyes and imagine the blank dark space you always see when your eyes are closed( leave the red jiggly things alone) enhe, you there?

Now imagine the word “WORD” floating in the air up and about..just floating like a balloon would. Now…we are told and the Word WAS God! Eureka! we are getting somewhere..and the WORD WAS WITH GOD! Enhe,,so in a way it makes the WORD and God two separate entities but one and the same thing..you see? Like how in Biology we would be told of how a mother cell would  divide after mitosis and meiosis to form two daughter cells…(yeah..I am very learned ahem)

So this WORD which was God now suddenly had a partner-THE WORD.(ikr? shake your head slightly…kidogo tu..we are getting there)…this same WORD which was WITH God…was God! ligabayee!

We are then told in verse 3 that there is nothing which was made,that wasn’t made by Him…that is, there is absolutely NOTHING in this world that we see that wasn’t made by THIS WORD! The trees, waters, animals, us,,,NOTHING that is here now wasn’t made by God who is also The WORD.

#If you have reached this point..it means you are so tuned in! Part 2 coming up shortly!



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